Article 1:
The name of the society is Turkish Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialists. The head office is in Ankara. Branch offices may be established.
Article 2: The goal of the society is to protect and improve the professional honour and dignity and personal rights of the members, to determine, meet and view the social and cultural professional requirements, as well as following studies, innovations and publications in PMR and to generalize the experience of members nation wide for public benefit, also to faciliate presentation, publication and application so as to make a contribution to education, training and studies of medical doctors, rehabilitation and medical personnel, active in this sector in order to preserve or to restore physical, mental and social health condition of individuals in community, and thus to serve and to be in good use of progress of medical science and public health.
The society makes studies in order to meet common social, legal, cultural, economical, professional benefits and requirements of physicians working in field of PMR and to this end it organizes congresses, conferences, symposiums, panels, discussions, seminars and such other meetings and competitions and publications, puts prizes, and cooperates with national and international organizations, having the same goals. It makes studies and researches on all matters in scope of specialization, determines the present problems in this field and develops means of solution, endeavors to raise and to standardize the level of education.
It organizes public meetings on matters concerning studies, researches and innovations in PMR for national and public benefit and makes preserving and healing studies towards the education of society. It establishes and manages facilities, where the medical personnel to work in the sector of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation will be trained and practice, and patients will be cured and educated, when necessary. The society also establishes units to provide polyclinic and consultancy services and participates in nation wide planning's in these issues.
The society takes administrative and legal attempts when necessary due to ethic council resolutions in matters concerning professional honour and dignity of members.
The society does not deal with politics.

Article 4:
The society has 4 types of memberships.
    a) Founding members: They are the members, who have founded the society and whose names are listed in Article 3.
    b) Original members: Being a citizen of Republic of Turkey and having no drawback for society membership, physicians within the last 6 months of education of specialization are elected for original membership by resolution of board of directors in accordance with the regulations of medical specialization of the Ministry of Health.
    c) Voluntary members: They are elected among people who adopt the goal of the society and contribute tangibly and morally to the activities. They cannot be elected to society agencies, use votes and become original members. They do not have to pay contributions.
    d) Honorary members: They are the people who tangibly contribute to the society or assisting the society to achieve its goals by their work and continuously working in administration and board of supervisors for ten years. Honorary membership is awarded by the proposal of board of directors and resolution of general council.

Founding and original members are obliged to pay contributions and have the right to vote and be voted.

Article 5:
Applicants for original membership of this society appeal in writing to the chairman of board of directors. The applications are examined by board of directors and decided either in acceptance or rejection and the applicant is informed in written within 30 days.

Article 6:
Every member may resign from membership any time, by informing the board of directors about his/her request in written.

Article 7:

    a) Those who do not comply with the society resolutions, act against the society goals and statute provisions or those who do not pay annual membership contributions twice consecutively despite two warnings from board of directors or those who do not participate in general council meetings three times consecutively with an excuse, that can be accepted by the board of directors;
    b) Those who act in order to discredit the society and its directors, to ascribe any offence to them or frustrate the society activities;
    c) Those who make use of society's title and act for or against any of political parties or those who create discord among the members of the society for this reason or members who are detected to have caused such incidents are discharged from society membership due to board of directors resolution. The right for objection to the next general council concerning the discharging resolution of those discharged is reserved.

Article 8:
Annual contribution of original members is 5.000.000 TL. Contribution for entrance is paid twice the annual contribution.

Article 9:
Agencies of the society are:
    a. General Assembly
    b. Board of Directors
    c. Board of Supervisors

Article 10: General assembly is the highest agency of the society. General assembly consists of all of the members. General assembly meeting is organized once in every two years, and assembles specially on written appeal of one fifth of members in case the board of directors considers it necessary.

Article 11: Board of directors prepares the list of members who have the right to participate in the general assembly. Members to participate in the general assembly are invited to the meeting by announcing the date, time, location and agenda of the meeting in local press at least 15 days prior to the meeting. Civil authorities are also informed. If the meeting is declined due to being unable to break a quorum, date of second meeting is notified. Minimum one week is allowed between first and second meeting dates.
If the meeting cannot be organized on time due to a legal reason, the members are informed of the situation together with the reasons of postponing with a second announcement at the same newspaper. The second meeting must be assembled within maximum two months. General assembly meeting cannot be postponed more than once.

General assembly assembles on quorum. If the quorum cannot be achieved in the first meeting, it is not an issue in the second meeting. However, number of members participating in the second meeting cannot be less than two times of sum of society directors and supervisors. Members sign their names in the list prepared by the board of directors and go to the meeting location. Absence of government commissioner does not necessitate postponing the meeting. A chairman and two secretaries are elected in order to conduct the meeting after the opening. Each member has one vote in general assembly. The member must vote personally. All of the minutes and documents are submitted to the board of directors at the end of the meeting.

Article 13:
Only the matters within the agenda are discussed in general assembly meeting. However, matters requested by at least one tenth of present members are taken into agenda and discussed. Decisions concerning change in the statute and nullification of the society are taken by votes of 2/3 of participating members. Other decisions are taken by votes of half of the participating members plus one.

Article 14:
The duties of general assembly are:
    a) To elect boards of directors and supervisors;
    b) To acquit boards of directors and supervisors;
    c) To conduct society activities;
    d) To adjudge purchasing real properties;
    e) To adjudge change in statute,
    f) International activities of the society, signing up and resigning as member of foreign societies and organizations
    g) To adjudicate the nullification of the society
    h) To adjudge establishment of branches.

Article:15 The board of directors consists of seven original members and five alternate members and are elected by general assembly in secret ballot. Service period is two years. Persons can only be candidate singularly in board of directors elections. Candidacy in groups is not allowed. Board of directors elects a chairman, an assistant chairman, a general secretary, an accountant and a treasurer from among their own members in secret ballot and open counting at the first board of directors meeting within seven days after the election.
Although the service period of the board of directors is not expired, the service period of board of directors expires and board of directors is elected, in case of failure to acquit business and financial status reports at the general assembly meeting without an election.
Members of board of directors are replaced with alternate members with respect to the number of votes they collect during the election at general assembly. Decisions are taken by majority of votes in board of directors. In case of equality of votes, chairman's vote is considered to be two votes.

Article l6:
Duties and authorities of board of directors elected at general assembly are:
    a) To represent the society, to delegate authority to chairman of the society or one or more than one of the board of directors members so as to represent the society.
    To adjudicate membership applications,
    b) To prepare annual working schedule,
    c) To prepare and allocate budget,
    d) Devolution of authority to chairman, general secretary and accountant,
    e) To employ wage and / or contract personnel,
    f) To establish connection and sign agreements with other national and international organizations in order to implement the activities that are in accordance to goals of the society (provided that prior permissions are taken from authorities);
    g) To collect revenues for society, to take measures in order to raise income;
    h) To decide on acceptance of conditional donations,
    i) To constitute, assign provide working conditions for work units and work groups and to supervise the service in order to implement the projects of the society,
    j) To determine the date, location and agenda of the general assembly meetings and to announce to all of the members,
    k) To prepare annual board of directors working reports.

Article l7:
Board of supervisors consists of three original members and three alternate members, elected in secret ballot by general assembly to serve for two years. Board members can supervise the conformity of financial matters and activities to the goals stated in this statute. Board of supervisors prepares a financial status report to present to general assembly at the end of every working year. Revenue - expenditure and other accounts of the society are evaluated in this report.

Article l8:
Financial sources of the society are:.

    a) Entrance contributions;
    b) Annual membership contributions;
    c) All kinds of monetary and in rem donations to the society;
    d) All kinds of conditional donations accepted by the board of directors;
    e) Revenues from sales of publications;
    f) Revenues from activities such as courses, seminars, congresses, exhibitions and fairs conducted by the society,
    g) Revenues from projects conducted by the society and from other national and international organizations which the society does business with;
    h) Revenues from assets of the society;
    i) Revenues from other activities of the society;
80% of the revenues collected within the year will be allocated for goals of the society within that year.
Revenues are collected with receipt documents and expenditures are made with acquittance documents. Open identity and signatures of those who pay and donate are present on receipt documents.
Article 19: The society cannot award a loan or open a credit to another real person or legal entity.

Article 20:
The books stated in the regulations concerning procedures and principles regarding the books, accounts and financial records to be kept by societies published in Official Journal no. 25070, dated 05.04. 2003 are kept.

CHANGE OF statute
Article 21:
The statute may be changed with the proposal of board of directors or at least 1/10 of members and 2/3 positive votes of participating members..

Article 22: The society can be nullified by resolution of general assembly of the society, when necessary. It is necessary that two thirds of members of the society are present at the meeting and decision is taken by two-thirds majority of members for the general assembly to decide on nullification. If two-thirds majority cannot be achieved in the first meeting, majority is not required for the second meeting. Number of members participating in the second meeting cannot be less than two times of sum of society directors and supervisors. The society is nullified in case two thirds of the participants vote for nullification. In this case, assets of the society are transferred to Turkish Society of Physicians.

Article 23:
In cases of inability of society to pay debts, impossibility of constituting the board of directors due to statute, failure to organize general assembly meeting twice consecutively ceases the society to exist unprompted. Any one concerned can appeal to Conciliation Court for determination of unprompted conclusion of the society.
Article 24: Branches may be established with the proposal of board of directors and by resolution of general assembly where necessary according to Article 31 of Societies Law no 2908.
The duty of the branches is to implement the programs planned by the head office in their regions and to give information according to local occurrences and prepare specific programs in cooperation.
Each branch must constitute a board of directors, board of supervisors or a supervisor.
Constitution of branch agencies and their duties are subject to relevant provisions determined in the central statute.

Article 25:
Due to branch establishment resolution by general assembly at least three persons authorized by board of directors appeals in written to the highest local authority. It is necessary that names, surnames, father names, dates and places of birth, professions, accommodation addresses and nationalities and branch address are stated and two copies of society statute and certificates of authority are attached to the application. The founders of the branch must be accommodating at the location of the branch office for at least six months.
Article 26: After the establishment of society branch offices, activities concerning the branch office are subject to the provisions of Law of Societies and statute of society. After the branch offices are established and members are being signed in general assemblies are invited for meeting according to the provisions of the statute. However, branch offices must accomplish their general assembly meetings 15 days prior to central office general assembly.

Article 27:
Each branch office consists of the following agencies:
    a) General assembly
    b) Board of directors
    c) Board of supervisors
Article 28: General assembly meeting and working procedure:
    a) Branch office general assembly consists of original members who are registered in the branch office and have paid contributions until the end of the previous calendar year. Ordinary meeting must be concluded at least one month prior to Society Central General Assembly.
    b) Branch office general assembly meeting is announced in a local published journal at least 15 days prior to the meeting, stating sate, time, location and agenda and each member are informed with a letter.
    c) A copy of meeting minutes, identifications and addresses of original and alternate members of boards of directors and supervisors, and names of delegates are sent separately to concerning authorities and society central office within 7 days.


    a) Acquittance of boards of directors and supervisors according to their reports and examined results of balance sheet and revenue - expenditure accounts or to adjudge upon their liabilities.
    b) To inspect the budget of the branch office and to approve as it is or changing it.
    c) To elect original and alternate members of boards of directors and supervisors.
    d) To elect 1 central general assembly member per 10 member (Chairman of the branch office is a natural delegate of Central General Assembly.)
    e) To accomplish other tasks assigned to the General Assembly by Society statute and laws.

Article 29:
Branch office board of directors consists of 5 original and 5 alternate members elected from among original members by general assembly to serve for two years. Members expiring their period may be reelected. JOB DIVISION OF BRANCH OFFICE BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Article 30:
Board of directors assembles within the first week following the election, as the oldest member being chairman, elects the chairman, the vice chairman, the secretary and the accountant.

    a) Chairman is responsible for coordination with society center and conducting the branch office together with the other members of board of directors. If there are commissions established by board of directors resolutions, he is also a natural member of these commissions.
    b) Secretary is responsible for organization activities. He carries out the case book and correspondence by approval of chairman. He is responsible for monitoring the entire books and documents against the chairman.
    c) Vice chairman is an assistant to the chairman in every way. He stands proxy in absence of chairman. The chairman is free to delegate authority to another member of board of directors, however written approval of chairman is required in such cases. He either transfers the processes that must be handled at macro level to a parallel commission at the society center or analyzes with them.
    d) The accountant is responsible for all kinds of financial work and preparation of documents concerning revenues and expenditures.
    e) Treasurer: Assists the accountant. Assists the accountant in actions concerning banks and expenditures, when direct contact with the money is required.
Article 32:
    a) To represent the branch office and to delegate authority to one or more than one of the board members for this purpose.
    b) to conduct the branch office in accordance with the provisions of statute and laws.
    d) To accomplish general assembly resolutions,
    e) To prepare the annual work report and balance sheet and revenue - expenditure account and budget for the next period and to present to the general assembly; member contributions and donations determined by the society statute are collected by branch office accountant and are sent to society center together with the member forms within the first ten days of each month. 2/3 part of the collected contributions and donations will be left to the relevant branch office in order to cover the branch office expenditures. (This ratio may change by proposal of branch office board of directors and or approval of central board of directors.)
    f) Keeping books and files of the branch office.
Branch office board of directors is responsible for conducting activities against branch office general assembly and central office board of directors. They are personally responsible for acts and processes illegal and contrary against statute, as well. Branch office board of directors may object to central office board of directors for their resolutions. Resolutions by central office board of directors are final.

Article 33:
Board of supervisors consists of 3 original and 3 alternate members from among original members elected by general assembly for two years service in order to inspect the transactions and accounts of branch office. Members expiring their period may be reelected. Board of supervisors serves under the principles in article 17 of this statute.

Article 34:
Provisions of Societies Law no 2908 and Turkish Civil Code is executed in matters, not stated in this statute.

Article 35:
Temporary board of directors consists of the following members until the first general assembly.

    1.Dr. Fatma Gener Chairman
    2.Dr. Rezan Yorgancıoğlu Vice Chairman
    3.Dr.Ü.Nesrin Bölükbaşı General Secretary
    4.Dr. Nihal Taş Accountant member
    5.Dr. Vesile Sepici Treasurer
    6.Dr. Gülay Dinçer Member
    7.Dr. Sevim Orkun Member